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An enthusiastic and motivated team of drivers are always on the go for our customers. The drivers are given an annual refresher course and up-to-date training. The themes include economical and safe driving, enforcement of driving and rest periods, and use of the digital tachograph.


Our warehouse is staffed at all times by experienced personnel who carry out loading and unloading activities and the maintenance of our rolling stock.


Planning is centrally coordinated from our office in Haaften. From here enables us to provide our customers, terminals and drivers with data. The entire process – from order to invoice – is fully automated. Three planners are on standby, and our chief planner.

Naam: Henk Vlot
Functie: Managing Director
E-mail: henk@henkvlot.nl
Naam: Marco van der Aa
Functie: Company director
Head of Administration
E-mail: marco@henkvlot.nl
Naam: Arnold Visser
Functie: Head Planner
Security Coordinator
E-mail: arnold@henkvlot.nl
Naam: Ruud Schoute
Functie: Planner
E-mail: ruud@henkvlot.nl
Naam: Geert Nabbe
Functie: Planner
E-mail: geert@henkvlot.nl
Naam: Raymond Schoute
Functie: Commercial assistant
E-mail: raymond@henkvlot.nl
Naam: Angela Vlot
Functie: Administration
E-mail: angela@henkvlot.nl
Evelyne vlot
Naam: Evelyne Vlot
Functie: Invoicing
Quality coordinator
E-mail: evelyne@henkvlot.nl
Naam: Marleen Vlot
Functie: Administrative assistant
E-mail: marleen@henkvlot.nl