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Are you in search of a transport partner for the movement of sea containers? Look no further than Henk Vlot Transport, the specialist you need. We can transport all types of sea containers, including refrigerated containers and containers carrying hazardous materials. With our own terminal in Haaften and a fleet of 35 units, we serve the entirety of Western Europe. Whether you require the transportation of a single container or need a solution for large volumes, we offer the expertise and capacity to assist you. Discover the benefits of working with Henk Vlot Transport, the specialist in one-way container transportation.

A lot of courage, one truck, and a personal mission

In 2023, we celebrated our 50th anniversary as a dynamic family business. In 1973, founder Henk Vlot began with just one truck. “It was my dream to run a successful transport company of my own,” recalls Vlot. With sleepless nights and working day and night, his dream became a reality. For 50 years, we have been providing tailor-made logistical solutions for all our customers. We do this with the same passion, dedication, and entrepreneurship as our founder. And that’s exactly what has brought us to where we are today: a reliable and professional partner for all your transportation needs.

Multifunctional terrain

In Haaften, we have a multifunctional terrain by approximately 6 hectares. Besides truck parking, we also offer storage and transshipment services at our terminal. With our 40-ton container truck, we can handle virtually all types of containers. Additionally, we have our own workshop equipped with 2 lifts, a washing area, and a refueling station.

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